Monday, April 28, 2008

Living Lit. Team to Visit Performance Studios

The W.M.S. Junior Beta Club's Living Literature team will visit Performance Studios' costume showroom next week in downtown Nashville to possibly choose a wardrobe for the upcoming contest at the National Beta Convention in Myrtle Beach, S.C. The team earned an invitation to compete at the national level after placing third in the state contest depicting a scene from the 2004 Newbery winner, The Tale of Despereaux. Ms. Raby, our art teacher, has been hard at work tweaking our scene's backdrop, while Mr. David Custer has been helping construct the support frame. Prior to going on the road with their scene the team will stage a viewing for all the students at WMS during Living Art Day.

Spring Book Fair Is On It's Way

Our spring book fair is officially slated for May 5 - 9. However, the cases of books usually arrive a few days in advance, so we'll open the fair just as soon as the books arrive and we can get them set up. Our Family night will be Wednesday, May 7 from 3:00 - 6:00. Those visiting on Family Night will be entered into a drawing for some free goodies. Unfortunately, this is not the 1/2 price fair, but you should still be able to find some great books at pretty good prices. Hope to see you there!!!

Countdown to Nashville Sounds Field Trip

Several of our students will be attending a field trip a week from today on Monday, May 5 to watch the Nashville Sounds play ball. These students earned this trip by participating in our recent reading program. Students going on the trip will need to bring money to spend at the concession stands. I would suggest at least $10. For a complete menu please visit .

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Battle of the Books Reading list 7/8 Grade

Spencer H. - Giver / Heat
Alex T. - Hoot / Here Lies the Librarian
Vincenza C. - Teacher's Funeral / Jacob Have I
Jordan L. - Tom Sawyer / Airborn
McKensey O. - Each Little Bird / Midwife's App.

Kayla W. - Jacob Have I / Each Little Bird
Tharon T. - Heat / Giver
Jeremy V. - Tom Sawyer / Airborn
Kayla H. - Hoot Teacher's Funeral
Krissie Mc. - Here Lies the Lib. / Midwife's App.

Katie A. - Heat / Giver
Landen A. - Airborn / Tom Swayer
Cheyenne S. - Each Little Bird / Hoot
Ashley L. - Jacob Have I / Teacher's Funeral
Crystal W. - Here Lies the Lib. / Midwife's App.

Julian L. - Tom Sawyer / Giver
Amber H. - Airborn / Jacob Have I
Kristen R. - Each Little Bird / Heat
Ren C. - Hoot / Here Lies the Lib.
Ashely T. - Midwife's App. / Teacher's Funeral

Brandy B. - Hoot / Heat
Allison H. - Tom Sawyer / Each Little Bird
Shelby O. - Here Lies the Lib. / Airborn
Keedy B. - Giver / Midwife's App.
Cassie B. - Teacher's Funeral

Battle of the Books Reading List 5/6 Grade

Lauren C. - Tale of Desp. / Single Shard
Hayley A. - Charlie and the Choc. / Diary of a Wimp
Tori U. - Hatchet / Number the Stars
Chance H. - Bridge to Tera. / Island of the Blue Dolphins
Eli S. - Journey of Ed. Tulane / Summer of the Swans
Aaron S. - # the Stars / Journey of Ed. Tulane
Morgan B. - Hatchet / Charlie and the Choc.
Sara K. - Single Shard / Summer of the Swans
Chasidy B. - Bridge to Tera. / Diary of a Wimp
Emily W. - Island of the Blue / Tale of Desp.
Elizabeth C. - Single Shard / Island of the Blue
Chapel A. - Journey of Ed. Tulane / Number the Stars
Anna S. - Bridge to Tera. / Tale of Despereaux
Christoher Z. - Summer of the Swans / Hatchet
Brandon Hudson - Charlie and the Choc. / Diary of a Wimp
Michael B. - Charlie and the Choc. / Tale of Depser.
Luke H. - Diary of a Wimp / Number the Stars
Racheal H. - Bridge to Tera. / Journey of Ed. Tulane
Jessica G. - Island of the Blue / Hatchet
Abbie H. - Single Shard / Summer of the Swans
Megan C. - Summer of the Swans - Island of the Blue Dolphins
Shanese A. - Bridge to Tera. / Charlie and the Choc.
Courtney S. - Number the Stars / Journey of Ed. Tulane
Clint W. - Hatchet / Single Shard
Chandler F. - Diary of a Wimp / Tale of Desper.
Savannah D. - Summer of the Swans / Single Shard
Dana M. - Island of the Blue Dolphins / Hatchet
Danielle W. - Journey of Ed. Tulane / Diary of a Wimp
Taylor M. - Tale of Desper. / Number the Stars
Paige C. - Bridge to Tera. / Charlie and the Choc.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Big "Thank You"!

The library would like to thank the WMS Student Council for their donation of $1,000.00. This money will be used to purchase books for the 500s section (for those of you who have forgotten the Dewey Decimal Classification system this means the science section :>)). Again, a big thanks to our student council. These students are another reason we are the #1 middle school in Sumner County.

Begin Reading for Battle of the Books Now!!!

Hopefully, everyone on a team has already been reading some of the titles on our list. Now, it's time to begin reading the two books for which you will need to become an expert. If you have forgotten which two books you need to read stop by the library and see Ms. Creasy. Remember...our Battle of the Books will be on May 13.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Nashville Sounds' Reading Program Comes to an End

Our 2008 Reading Program has come to an end. Several students participated in our school's first attempt at this reading incentive. Hopefully, the number will continue to increase in the years to come. The following students have earned a ticket to attend the field trip to see the Sounds play ball next month (an * indicates a home run):

Cheyenne Smith
Ren Creasy
Jordan Lambert
Alexis Meadors
Crystal Wortman
Tharon Turner
Julian Lampkin *
Gwendolyn Frederick
Clint Watson
Megan Cowles *
Courtney Southern
Travis Blanchette
Catherine Roberts
Shelby O'Neal
Keedy Burdeshaw
Katie Young *
Savannah Draper
Jessica Gregory
Kristin Clark *
Brittany Porter *
Tristin Neal *
Katie Moss *
Luke Hall *
Chance Hall *
Colby Bickerton
Dana Ruckman