Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Typing 101

Did you know that students will soon (THIS SCHOOL YEAR) begin taking standardized tests via a computer?  It's true.  8th grade students will type their TCAP Writing Assessment in February.  At WMS, we are working to prepare our 8th graders for this challenge by teaching keyboarding skills through a related arts class.  Most 8th grade students will have exposure to this prior to the test. 

However, the need to know how to type is not just limited to our 8th graders.  Within the next year or so, incoming 6th graders will need to be proficient, as well, typing at an average of 30 WPM.  (For a little perspective on how education is changing, I was not required to take a keyboarding class until my sophomore year in high school.)

If you would like to help out on the home front, so to speak, there are many great keyboarding websites you can use.  I have listed one below.

This free site includes several easy lessons on keyboarding, plus a 1 minute Pre-test that mom and dad may even find fun to take. 

P.S.  Don't forget...our Book Fair will be Nov. 7-15.