Thursday, November 11, 2010

Winners Announced

Our school's celebration of Teen Read Week was a great success.
Everyone who participated in the scavenger hunt was able to choose a free gift from the library and three people went home with a little more change in their pockets. Congratulations to Haley Brazel, Jesse Hovater and John Allen Wright for being the winning entries in the hunt!
Scavenger Hunt winners
Jesse Hovater and John Allen Wright. Not pictured, Haley Brazel.
Students also had a chance to participate in an art contest, in which they would recreate the cover of a favorite book. Congratulations to Gordon, Abbey, Alyson and Bryan for their awesome artwork! Their entries were selected as the four winners. However, all creations entered were really, really good.

Art Contest winners

Gordon Vaught, Abbey Hinton, and Alyson Carter. Not pictured, Bryan Jenkins

As you may know, the library stays open late each day Monday - Thursday and students are always welcome to stop by for help on homework, research, etc. During TRW, each student who came was entered into a drawing for prizes. Those winning something for this were Randy Barlow, Destynie Henry, Anna Cook, Katie Young, Emily Thomas, Peightyn Gross, Gracie Oliver and Morgan Hall.

The library would like to thank everyone who particpated. We're already getting excited about next year.